1986 – 1991

1986: Four girls get together at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose: to play for fun! The quartet “is a fact” and they go south (Malmö-Copenhagen) on their first tour to play “street music”.

1987: First TV performance in January, broadcast for the Swedish Television. The same year the group “pops-up” in five more TV shows, they are becoming famous………..
The group receives the prestigious “Kasper Prize” from one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, “Dagens Nyheter”, for their “engaging musical vitality, skillfulness as an ensemble, and the impressive breadth of their repertoire”.
“Street music” is performed in Paris, France.
Tour in Sweden with singer Gösta Linderholm and the “Jazz guys”.
First recording is released with “White Christmas” and a Swedish Christmas carol, recorded in an exercise hall at a Swedish military base.
Concerts in “Alvastra Closter ruins”, “Salsta Castle” and “Östhammar music festival”, Sweden.

1988: Continuously on tour all over Sweden! Visits Borås, Eskilstuna, Vingåker, Ystad, Vellinge, Halmstad, Katrineholm, Öregrund, Tranås, Tomelilla, Gimo, Simrishamn, Nässjö, Karlskrona, Kungsör, Forsmark, Oxelösund, Jönköping and Strängnäs.
Performs together with various Swedish top artists and performs on different festivals around Sweden.
TV: two shows this year!
Entertains at a Swedish “smorgasbord” at Hotel Sheraton, Istanbul, Turkey.
Performs on the top of an alp in Åre, northern Sweden.
Performances of Swedish composers Eberhard Eyser and Nils Lindberg at the 9th World saxophone congress in Tokyo, Japan.
Guest artists in the show “Lussikalen” with the male choir in Lund, “Lunds studentsångare”.


1989: Two CD releases this year: classical music on the BIS label and popular music on the Air music label.
Tour to Paris.
Concert Tour: Vännäs, Ånäset, Dorotea, Storuman, Åsele, Norsjö, Sollefteå, Vilhelmina, Lycksele in the northern parts of Sweden.
Summer music festival at Lake Siljan, Dalecarlia, and in “Kullabygden”, Sweden.
TV performance with Swedish celebrity and choir leader Kjell Lönnå.

1990: Concerts and seminars around Sweden.
Tour with the theater play “The Rose” together with actor Björn Hanell.
TV performance in the show “Aschberg and Butt”.
Concerts in Brussels, Belgium.
Performs at the summer music festival “Musik och Konst” in Junsele, Sweden.
Performance for Tetra Pak in Malmö, Sweden, and stays over night in enormous, luxury hotel rooms!
Big welcome concert for new member in Stockholm, Sweden.

1991: Two TV shows this year! Competes and wins a prize from “Inge-and Einar Rosenbergs-foundation” in the prestigious competition organized by the Royal Academy of Music. The prize sum is used to commission new music for saxophone quartet composed by Jan Sandström, the quartet’s first commission.
Tour to the USA. Participates, together with 100 other musicians, in the “The 1991 East and West Artist Competition” in New York, and makes it to the final.
Concert tour in Churches: Karlstad, Lysekil, Båstad, Österbybruk.
The quartet acts as “joker” in a Rock festival in Finland “Down by the Lautari” and brings along its own “body guards”.

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