1992 – 1997

1992: Tour to Luxemburg. CD release with classical music on “Suite Francaise”, on the Polygram label. Premier performance of Gunnar Jansson’s “Sinfonia Concertante” together with Mamlo Symphony Orchestra, the concert is broadcast by the Swedish Radio. Performance at the World exhibition in Seville-Spain. Concert tour performing in different castles around the county of Sörmland-Sweden. Guest artists with the male choir OD at their Christmas show, playing among other things ABBA’s “Ring-ring” standing in telephone booths……..
Participates in the 10th World saxophone congress in Pesaro-Italy, and performs “Elegie”- Thomas Ferm and “Suite Française” – Francis Poulenc /arr. J Forssell. Concerts in Madrid-Spain. Performs on the Swedish high speed train “X 2000” dressed in train conductor uniforms.

1993: Tour to Germany, Bonn, Nürnberg etc.
Performance at the “Water festival” in Stockholm – Sweden.
Church tour in Sweden and on the island Åland – Finland.
Performs at the official opening session of the Swedish Parliament.
Tour to Brussels and Paris, where the quartet is invited to lunch at the home of the legendary saxophonist Professor Daniel Deffayet.
Concert together with Norwegian brass group “The Brazz Brothers”.
School concerts in the south of Sweden.

1994: Participates in two festivals in Belgium: “VIII Festival Midis-Minimes” – Brussels and “Année Adolphe Sax – Jazz for Mr. Sax” – Dinant.
Performs at the summer festival “Musik vid Siljan”, an “echo concert” in the woods, together with a choir.
On tour with the “Swedish Prime minister to be” – on his campaign around Sweden.
“Projekt Nord” -cooperation with a saxophonist from Norway and Sweden, tour in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Premier performance of “Wahlbergvariationer-Rollin’ Phones version” by Jan Sandström and “AXIS” for 11 saxophones by Helge Sunde.
Broadcast by Norwegian and Swedish Radio. TV show on Swedish TV, playing while coming out of a big white limousine… Tour to Germany. The quartet is being interviewed in German radio, in the German language, with interesting results…

1995: Concert at the Swedish Embassy in Madrid-Spain.
School concert performances in three different regions in Sweden.
Tour to Latvia:
Soloist with the Riga state wind band, on tour in Latvia.
During a grand concert in Riga the quartet performs with the wind band, “Saxophonia” – Erland von Koch, and with Latvia Symphony Orchestra “Sinfonia concertante” – Gunnar Jansson (Note! On the same concert!).
Master class at the College of Music “Muzikas Akademija Riga”.
TV interview where none in the group understands the reporter’s miserable English, embarrassing………
Performs at the promotion of “Stockholm, Cultural Capital 1998” in Madrid-Spain.
On tour: Köping, Uppsala, Högsby, Tierp, Helsingborg, Norrköping, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Alsterbo, Luleå, Gislaved, Västerås – Sweden, Bremen – Germany and Helsinki – Finland.

1996: Soloists in Anders Nilsson’s “Concerto Grosso” with the St Petersburg Hermitage orchestra, St Peterburg-Russia. Performs at the “Jazz caravan 96”- in Aleppo and Damascus-Syria and Amman-Jordan. School concert tour in the midlands of Sweden.
The first saxophone summer course is arranged by the quartet. Location: Dalarö-Sweden
Tour in Germany- “10. Niedersächsischen Musiktage”.
TV: two more TV shows in Sweden this year!
The Foreign Office sends the group to New York to play at the UN Security Council.
Concerts in Brussels and Paris, this time invited to Dinner at Professor Deffayet!
10 year Jubilee concert at the Swedish Radio house, broadcast on the Swedish Radio -all former members from the “Phones-family” participate! Premier performance of “Siren” – Marie Samuelsson, “Sextett” – Gunnar Jansson and “Internal bleeding” – Mark Engebretson.

1997: Travel together with the Swedish King and Queen to South Africa to perform at their official receptions. The 11th World saxophone congress Valencia-Spain performs “Sinfonia concertante” by Gunnar Jansson with the “Orquesta conservatorio superior de música Joaquin Rodrigo”.
The quartet plays at the Swedish Embassy and at a folk music festival in Budapest-Hungary. Visit to Iceland: performs at “Nordens hus” and gives a master class at Tónlistarskolinn Reykjavík. In spare time, out riding Iceland horses…
School concert tour in Stockholm and the area of Gävleborg-Sweden.
One TV show this year!
Promotion tour of “Stockholm-Culture capital 1998” to Tokyo-Japan, once again accompanying the Swedish King and Queen.
Summer music festivals around Sweden: “Virserums musikdagar”, “Färna jazzfestival” – Fagersta, “Musik på Slottet” – Stockholm, “Vätter blues & jazz” – Huskvarna.
Soloists with Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker (professional Wind band) in Erland von Koch “Saxophonia”, conductor Cecilia Rydinger-Ahlin.
Saxophone summer course, again in Dalarö-Sweden.
Grand opening at the “DN-GALAN”, big sport event at Stockholm Stadium, playing the Swedish national Anthem in samba rhythm……

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